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LEGO Star Wars 8087 TIE Defender

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The TIE Defender's weapons systems were designed to allow it to engage multiple enemy fighters [4] as well as the armed freighters frequently used by the Alliance. [9] It carried a formidable array of weaponry; in standard configuration it had four L-s9.3 laser cannons mounted on the two lower wings and two NK-3 ion cannons mounted on the upper wing. The laser and ion cannons could be set to fire separately or, if concentrated power was required, to fire-linked in either pairs or quartets. [7] The ion cannons could even be fired simultaneously with the laser cannons. [9] Two targeting sensors were located between each pair of cannons to provide the pilot with a constant stream of targeting information. [15]

LEGO MOC Tie Defender by Staal | Rebrickable - Build with LEGO LEGO MOC Tie Defender by Staal | Rebrickable - Build with LEGO

This garish red Interceptor has never been produced by Lego, it is a very distinctive looking expanded universe TIE. Unlike the vanilla Interceptors, these variants had a hyperdrive and defense shields. I have also done a revamped TIE Avenger and Defender to go along with the other updated TIEs. With the Empire's ability to manufacture TIE Avengers severely reduced, Zaarin continued to pursue a technological advantage over the Empire by targeting the research facility where he had overseen development of the TIE Defender. As Zaarin's forces attempted to escape with several TIE Defender prototypes, an Imperial strike force, consisting of TIE Defenders and assault transports, arrived to prevent the loss of the prototypes and to recapture the base itself. The Empire succeeded in preventing Zaarin from acquiring most of the remaining TIE Defender prototypes and, after the facility was secured, the Star Destroyer Adarga arrived to defend it. [11]The tie bomber came in at a premium price point and 3.5 figures (considering the gonk), this set has two good looking builds, possibly excellent builds including an interceptor which people have wanted for years, 4 figures. Unfounded ridiculous conspiracy theory: the insane price here is intended to drive people to buy the less-insanely overpriced spider droid with Mando and Bo." Star Wars: TIE Fighter identifies the ship as the "TIE Defender" while TIE is established as an acronym for " Twin Ion Engine" in several sources, including The Essential Guide to Vehicles and Vessels.

LEGO 8087 TIE Defender Instructions, Star Wars LEGO 8087 TIE Defender Instructions, Star Wars

The TIE Defender was created for the 1994 LucasArts video game Star Wars: TIE Fighter in which the craft was flyable by the player. [2] Although this craft was initially left out of the multiplayer Star Wars: X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter ( 1997) for the sake of balance, the game data files still have an entry for the TIE Defender in the craft library, with the description field reading "Advanced space superiority fighter. This craft is too powerful to be put in this simulation. Dream on, fanboy!" [48] The TIE Defender returned in 1999's Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance, making an appearance in the single-player campaign and available as a player craft in the multiplayer mode. [8]The 2012 reference book The Essential Guide to Warfare includes illustrations of TIE Defenders at the Naval Station Validusia and accompanying the Star Dreadnought Wrath during an orbital bombardment. [39] When asked about the presence of TIE Defenders in these images, illustrator Ansel Hsiao speculated that the units they were assigned to were considered of high importance due to the number of Star Dreadnoughts. [51] Technical specifications [ ]

TIE Defender : Set 8087-1 | BrickLink

The Imperials were stationed at one of several secret Imperial bases throughout the galaxy. The base was one of the few facilities capable of producing TIE Defenders. It was an indication of the rarity of the TIE Defender that the three full squadrons of the fighters located at the base were more than Rogue Squadron's commander, General Wedge Antilles, thought had ever been built. The base was formerly under the command of General Arnothian, who had intended to use the TIE Defenders to establish himself as a warlord before Director of Imperial Intelligence Ysanne Isard disposed of him and took control of the facility. [21] The TIE Defender was one of the fastest starfighters in use during the Galactic Civil War. [4] Although it was based on the standard twin ion engine design, it was upgraded to the entirely new [15] P-sz9.7 twin ion engine, which was rated at 230 KTU [1] and allowed it a maximum acceleration of 4,220 G [7] or 21 MGLT/ s and a top speed of 144 MGLT [8] or 1,680 km/h in an atmosphere—almost 40 percent faster than a standard TIE Fighter. [7] With tractor beam recharge power redirected to the engines, the top speed could be increased to 180 MGLT. [8] In addition to the main thrusters located in the aft section, [15] the Defender's triple wing design allowed for three arrays of maneuvering jets [6]—which gave it a maneuverability rating of 110 DPF [8]—and it featured an advanced F-s5x flight avionics system to process the pilot's instructions. When combined, these systems made the ship not only faster, but more agile than any other starfighter in Imperial service [6] and capable of matching the fastest starfighters in the Alliance Fleet. [17]Fang Fighter looks like it was designed in 2001. Not a single function, excepting the canopy. Where is the rotation function of the fuselage?! Where are some details on the hull?! It seems clear that Zaarin believed the technology embodied in the TIE Defender would give him the edge he needed to take out the Emperor. He did not foresee the extraordinary way in which you would turn his deadly weapon against him." ―Imperial briefing officer, to Maarek Stele — Listen ( file info) [11] Between this one and the spider tank, it’s probably the last time in universe we see Din wielding it.

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